For BMW Tie Rod Kit -  32111139316KT

For BMW Tie Rod Kit - 32111139316KT

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Product Information

Steering Tie Rod Assembly

The tie rods of your vehicle play a critical role as they're the link between the power steering rack and pinion and the wheel spindle. Tie rod ends contain ball joints that tend to wear out over time due to constant wear and tear. When the ball joints within the tie rod wear out, it allows for play within the wheels which can throw off your alignment and cause uneven tire wear. Its always encouraged to check your tie rod ends for play as well as tires for uneven wear at every service interval. When replacing worn tie rod ends its always recommend to replace them in pairs as well as to perform an alignment.

Steering Tie Rod Assembly Failure Symptoms

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Play in wheels
  • Pulling condition when driving
  • Sloppy steering